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Collège Exams

The couse of our students in the Junior School should lead them to obtain the French National Diploma (the DNB or Diplôme National du Brevet), which is awarded taking into account:

Continuous Evaluation

(worth 400 points) which validates the “common knowledge base of competencies and culture”.

Written Exam

The first written exam (worth 100 points) encompasses the areas of Mathematics (2 hours) and the Experimental Sciences and Technology (1 hour):

  • A common theme; 
  • Appropriately identified questions for each subject;
  • An excercise in computer programming, related to the new programs of mathematics and technology.

The second written exam (worth 100 points) encompasses the areas of French (3 hours), History and Geography – Moral and Civic Education (2 hours):

  • A common theme;
  • A first part (3 hours) devoted to the skills of analysis and comprehension of documents;
  • A second part (2 hours) dedicated to the area of spelling of written language and the ability to write composition.

Oral Presentation

Worth 100 points, an oral presention, for 15 minutes, about a project created within the ambit of a Junior School course:

  • path of professional orientation
  • path of citizenship
  • path of artistic and cultural education

The student can also choose a project completed within the area of EPI (practical interdisciplinary education) during the 9th year.


School Certificates of Road Safety (ASSR)

In France, the School Certificates of Road Safety (Attestations Scolaires de Sécurité Routière – ASSR) are obligatory.  This is an important document which should be carefully safeguarded.  Whoever has this certificate in his or her possession will be qualified to drive a moped and can sign up for the theoretical exam to obtain a driving license.

Our school prepares students for the exam and runs the necessary tests; afterwards, it will award the two certificates (Attestations Scolaires de Sécurité Routière – ASSR):

  • ASSR – 1st level: test administerd in the 7th year of schooling, this exam precedes another (which will be 3 hours) which will allow the student to obtain the Diploma of Road Safety (Brevet de sécurité routière, BSR) which is obligatory to drive a moped (in France).
  • ASSR – 2nd level: test administered in the 9th year, obligatory for signing up to the theoretical exam for a driving license; the student will be qualified to practice “chaperoned driving” beginning from 16 years (in France).

In case of loss, the school will issue only a second copy of the document; the certificates can only be granted by the institutions where the tests are held.

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