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Health Services

The Health Services of the LFIP, contactable directly on 933 025 787, are responsible for:
•    offering immediate care to students whenever necessary;
•    raising awareness of health issues, in accord with the programs of the Committee of Education for Health and Citizenship

The service is directed by Dr. Ana Leblanc , supported by the nurse, Céleste Gonçalves

  • Dr. Ana Leblanc is available: Fridays, from 15:30 to 17:30;
  • The School Nurse is available : Monday through Friday, from 8:45 to 14:00 (11:45 on Wednesdays) and from 15:00 to 16:45.
Administering medications at school

Continuation of treatment at the request of parents :

Any medications to be administered to children during the school day should be delivered to the School Nurse together with a copy of the prescription.

Occasional administration of medication:

The Nurse provides some medications which can be administered to students with the parents’ authorisation.  When dealing with serious situations, such as require a student be sent to hospital, the parents will be contacted.  This way, the parents can take the child to the hospital at their own convenience.  If this is not possible, the school will ensure transport to hospital using appropriate means.

Educational and Preventative Activities

As part of the CESC, educational and preventative activities (preferably related to the programs) are conducted on various topics throughout the schooling of the students, and regularly involve the medical team of the school together with external participants.

  • Drugs and Alcohol (4th/3rd): Participation by police and a psychologist
  • Tobacco and Its Consquences (5th/2nd): Participation by a pulmonary specialist
  • Sex Education (4th/3rd/1st):
    • Conference at the School of Medicine of the University of Porto
    • Videoconference with specialists and researchers about AIDS / STDs
    • “Red Ribbon” campaign
    • Presentation by a psychiatrist
    • Presentation from specialists in Family Planning
  • Dangers and Detours on the Internet
    • Questionnaire NetAttitude (6th)
    • Risks/dangers/addiction to the internet (5th /3rd)
    • Conference with a specialist (parents and students of the LFIP)
  • Hygiene
    • Washing the hands (Pre-School/CP)
    • Screening for vision problems (CP/6th)
    • Balanced diet (6th/2nd)

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