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Overview of the Lycée

After the conclusion of Junior School (6th – 9th year), the students continue their studies in the Senior School for three years (10th – 12th years).

The form for 10th Year is decisive ahead of the final phase, which is characterised by a progressive specialisation of studies, over the 11th year and 12th years.

In the Senior School, we propose two areas:  Economy and Sciences.  At the end of the 12th year, students take the Baccalaureate exam (BAC), a diploma which both certifies the conclusion of secondary schooling and also gives access to further education.  This exam includes, as well, some early exams administered at the end of the 11th year.

The areas which we suggest permit those who hold the BAC entry to further education in Universities, to preparation classes for access to the “Grands Écoles” or, eventually, they can opt for more specialised training (IUT, BTS).