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Health and Citizenship Education

The Health Path

The Lycée Français International de Porto, through the Committee for Health and Citizenship Education (CESC):

  • Comprised of members of the Administration, teachers, students and representatives of the Parents Association
  • The mission of which is to observe, consider and propose educational projects

Has contributed to the implementation of activities which surpass, many times, the pedagogical remit, to the end of helping its students turn themselves into true, conscientious citizens, active in the world around them.

Citizenship Path

This aims to lead each student to acquire the fundamental values which are the building blocks of citizenship, from primary school through to the 12th year. It is built on the pillars of moral and civic education, education about media and information, critical thinking, discussion and debate.  The Citizenship path can be the subject of an oral exam in the 9th year.

Newsletter Health & Citizenship

  • nº8 March17 : FR - PT
  • nº9 June17  :  FR - PT
  • nº10 Dec.17 :  FR - PT 

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